Turner and Turner Series

1 – One Good Turn
Summoned to his parents’ estate, brash young Kendall Turner steels himself for yet another confrontation. He doesn’t expect this level of betrayal, though. His parents play an explicit and humiliating video surreptitiously recorded by KT’s ex-lover, who has taken up blackmail. KT is ordered to report to a psychiatric facility while his family scrambles to brush the dust back under the carpet.

He flees instead, accompanied by Turner Scott, heavily muscled star of his most personal fantasies. Only the flight turns into more of a kidnapping when Turn needs to buy time for his own mysterious activities.

When his ex turns up dead, then missing, then most definitely dead, Kendall feels a trap closing in–and all clues that don’t point to him point to his protector, Turner Scott.


One thought on “Turner and Turner Series

  1. mantasticfiction January 2, 2010 / 9:33 pm

    This story started out like a barn on fire, all the great makings of a great spy/action story with a strong romance thrown in. And then … nothing but grasshoppers. Chirp, chirp, chirp.

    The first 2/3rds of this story moves right along, makes a lot of sense. The last 1/3 seems to string a lot of ideas together in a rush to the finish. While some aspects get cleared up, others are left dangling.

    It appears that this story is intended as a series, and if that’s the case then my opinion of this story may change. But Ms. Green’s SMARTASS partner, L B Gregg, has put out 2 more MEN OF SMITHFIELD stories and I can’t find any mention of any more TURNER and TURNER stories.

    I would suggest waiting for additional releases before reading this one.

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