Sully’s Heart

Sexy rock star Luke Cantrell has everything going for him. He parties hard and has no shortage of bed partners. Except he can’t have the one thing he truly wants. The bad boy of Texas and the golden-haired son of an affluent rancher. Friends for life, but Luke always yearned for more than friendship. Will the truth destroy their relationship or will it give them both something they passionately desire but were afraid to reveal? Will Sully understand if Luke finally tells him the truth? Or will Luke lose his friendship forever? It’s a gamble he finally has to take.


One thought on “Sully’s Heart

  1. mantasticfiction January 2, 2010 / 9:06 pm

    I had high hopes for this one, the synopsis sounded pretty cool, but was pretty disappointing. Everything seemed strained and forced. A few plot choices came out of left field.

    I have a few Adrianne Dane ebooks that I bought at the same time as this one and I’ve been unable to start them. I’m hoping that now that I know what to expect then I will be able to enjoy them a little more.

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