Secret Admirer

Geeky nerd Wes Donovan has a secret crush on Blake Kircherner, star pitcher of his baseball team. Unfortunately, the only time Blake seems to notice him is when he’s making the last out for their team and losing another game.

With Valentine’s Day and the team’s annual Valentine’s Day party coming up, he can’t stand the thought of going dateless again. So he asks Blake to make him into a new man and help him make their coach Clay, jealous. In reality, Blake’s the one he hopes to make jealous and to win after he’s transformed into Blake’s fantasy man.


One thought on “Secret Admirer

  1. mantasticfiction January 4, 2010 / 11:11 pm

    Way too convenient for my taste. The synopsis sounded cool, but the interaction seemed rushed and corny. I found Blake’s reaction to Wes very similar to child who wants what he/she wants only because it seems valuable to someone else. Wes is A-OK with that concept since he first set out to grab Blake’s attention by making him jealous.

    I’m all for stories about late bloomers coming into their own; or improving their self esteem by changing parts of themselves that are no longer working. But I’m not crazy about the idea that Wes is willing to completely reinvent himself so that he can get the guy.

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