Forgotten Favor

Part of the Spurs and Studs Anthology.
Retired rodeo men accept each other and the black riders.

Spurs and Studs Anthology
Forgotten Favor by Angela Fiddler
Seeing You by Dakota Flint
Judas Steer by Kiernan Kelly
The Inconvenient Husband (original draft) by J L Langly


One thought on “Forgotten Favor

  1. mantasticfiction January 4, 2010 / 10:50 pm

    Not much of a synopsis, but it was all I could find regarding this title.

    At the heart of this book are 2 boys who give up a part of themselves in order to please a father who is stuck in his old ways. And of course, by the time they realize that for themselves, 5 years have passed.

    When Mark McCoy comes home to rest after a riding accident, he reconnects with his old friend. Jake has done well for himself and opens his home for Mark’s recovery.

    Now that Mark has “outed” himself, a few of the townfolk take exception and things start going wrong around Jake’s ranch. Mark’s stepmother steps in and tries to mend some bridges between father and son in order to help keep everyone safe.

    After a few mishaps, things eventually work out for Mark and Jake, but the story itself, I found it to be confusing. The “black riders” appear out of no where and it isn’t until near the end that you realize their significance to Mark and his family history. A little mystery is awesome, but it this was almost like bizarro-world. The ah hah! moment at the end confirmed for me that this story is more about Mark reconciling his past, as seen through the eyes of a child, with events as they really happened.

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