Becoming Us

Zac Mitchell and Bryce Tellier were best friends for the first two years of college, but things got complicated their junior year. Their senior year isn’t looking to get any easier. Zac is out with a bang, featured in a magazine article on queer college athletes. Bryce didn’t have a clue, but now Zac’s revelation is shattering his world, making him question everything he thinks he knows, making him wonder if he’ll manage to keep things together. Bryce’s father wants him out of the house he shares with Zac and two other friends, doesn’t want him around someone like Zac. Bryce has spent years ducking his brothers’ accusations about his sexuality. Now, Bryce has to decide where he stands, and he has to face how Zac makes him feel. Zac spent years working up the courage to come out and now he might have to go back in the closet to be with the person he wants most. Nothing seems right when Zac and Bryce part, so can these boys make their relationship work?


One thought on “Becoming Us

  1. mantasticfiction January 2, 2010 / 9:49 pm

    Not being a gay man, its hard to relate to a “coming out” story. Fortunately for me, that aspect of the story is minimal. For others who enjoy a good “coming out,” this one is pretty inspiring.

    What I really liked about this one is the friends-become-lovers storyline. Its a common theme, but I like the shared history.

    However, there is reference to their junior year without much explanation beyond the obvious facts. To my knowledge, this book is a stand alone so I haven’t found anything that could shed more light on those events. Hopefully, the writers Crow and Fox will be inspired to do a prologue if they haven’t already.

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