Blood Eclipse Series

1 – Blood Eclipse
Vampires have come “out of the closet” and they’re buying up real estate and running brothels in the City of Angels. Rory bitterly hates vampires. After all, one of them murdered his friend. So when his best friend Dennis begs him to accompany him to a vampire brothel on his birthday so that he can experience what is widely believed to be the sex of his life, Rory tags along reluctantly.

Rory and Dennis both find their worlds changed forever as the sun goes down on Eclipse. As they enter the er…revamped Magic Castle, they discover sex, love and blood can mix. Dennis finds himself falling in love with the mysterious Thiago and Rory is taken by Carden who is so beautiful, Rory isn’t even sure if he’s real…but evil is everywhere, permeating everything as the night closes in around them.

2 – Rapture
In the continuation of Blood Eclipse, Rory finds himself hopelessly enamored with Carden and will finally experience the rapture of loving a pure blood vampire. But there are those who are determined to have Carden at all costs to satisfy their own self interest, and they won’t let anyone get in their way.

Carden still seeks the truth of what happened to his parents long ago, and he won’t rest until he finds the answers. And when the discovery is made, and shocking secrets are revealed, all hell breaks loose as Carden sets his sights on vengeance. And suddenly the fragility between good and evil will be blown wide open.

3 – City Of Blood
Carden is on the run, on the other side of the world in the ‘cradle of civilization’ in Petra, Jordan. Far from his human lover, Rory, he’s learning that reclaiming his father, Declen, the King of the Vampires might restore world order–but hasn’t done much to strengthen familial ties.

Declen is angry that Carden worked as a whore and that he is gay…worse, he is furious that Carden not only fell in love with Rory, a mortal man, but abandoned him. Declen declares Carden unfit to help him in the epic battle between good and evil. He tells Carden to right his wrongs with Rory, that without love, without….entasy he is useless in the final showdown set to take place in the City of Blood.

4 – Apocalypse
The Apocalypse which has been foretold is now here. Vampires and humans scavenge for survival. Carden, the Pureblood vampire must decide…fulfill his destiny or sacrifice Rory.

Carden, Roy, Thiago and Dennis have survived the carnage of the Vampire/Human war. Carden is destined to battle his uncle for the title of King of the Vampires, whilst struggling with his own urge to drink human blood. He must make desperate choices – but the war is not over and an unexpected new enemy emerges from the fire. Rory fights for his life and his soul mate.

With a new world order emerging from blood and ashes, he’s convinced he and Carden can be together. Thiago and Dennis have their problems too. Dennis is dying from his injuries sustained in his abduction. Will any of them survive the Apocalypse, and emerge from it, together?

Love & Loyalty

Screenwriter Griffin Drake needs to win over sexy and stoic Detective James “Jim” Shea in order to get the story of a lifetime, but he finds himself wanting Jim’s heart.

Faith & Fidelity

One lonely widower and one disgraced ex-cop find friendship at the bottom of a shared bottle. Then they fall passionately in lust and love, and it shakes these two straight men to their very cores.

Taste Test: Horns and Halos Anthology

Who doesn’t love hot demons and untainted angels coming together to make with the sin? Horns and Halos has all that and more!

Sinful by Zoe Nichols
Reverend Lloyd Jamison lives with a sin that’s as big as Eve eating the apple. Thanks to youthful foolishness, he has a permanent craving, and the most delicious stalker you could have: lust demon Ripper. Try as he might, Lloyd can’t avoid Ripper, but will he be the one with the upper hand in the end?

Limbo by Clare London
The beautiful, fragile Yoshiel and the strong, fierce Labal have broken the no fraternization rule, and live to pay the price. They seek each other out, realizing their masters have exacted a penalty from them both, a punishment that’s both ironic and cruel. Will their shocking transformation prove their undoing?

Deja Vu by Dakota Flint
Angel Graham meets up with his arch nemesis, demon Cale, at the annual “Horns and Halos Bash” held as the one night a year that the angels and demons of the world can put their differences aside and get together to let loose. Things between them turn heated, quickly, and Cale gives Graham pleasure he never dreamed of. But what will happen when Graham wakes up the next day?