Week 10

Hey everyone, scarletty24 here again, and as Mantastic is stuck under a very large computer screen and I can’t get her out, I shall do the honors again this week. Hopefully she will be back soon.

We have only three authors this week, but I have a feeling these will be memorable ones. We have some contemporary, and a little paranormal. I personally am very familiar Bobby Michaels and Cat Grant having read multiple of their stories already. For me when this happens I just revisit a book or try to find something new by the authors to read. This week I am going to be revisiting them by rereading one of each of their stories. I am very excited to read Missy as I have heard good things.

1 – Fluffy, feel good romance
2 – Light read but may include heavier topics
3 – More complex stories and characters requiring audience participation
4 – Love or Hate, usually with difficult themes

Here is the info for week 10
Cat Grant – The First Real Thing
Bobby Michaels – The Second Time Around
Missy Welch – My Summer of Wes

These are the books my book club has chosen, but these authors have many more to choose from. Please search their individual catalogs in order to find the right story for you. Add your choice and a brief opinion below to be included in the challenge.

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