Week 18

Belinda McBride – website
Come, Go With Me – 2 strangers who share a magical night are separated during a violent storm and are reunited years later, available from Changeling.
When I Fall – Uncommon Whore bk 2, The continued story of a King and his consort while they settle in their new homeland, available from ARe.

Charlie Cochet – website
The Auspicious Troubles of Chance – troublemaker joins the French Foreign Legion and finds himself in a unit made up of misfits and rabble-rousers, available from Dreamspinner.
When Love Walked In – overworked cop meets an interesting stranger on Valentine’s Day, available from Torquere.

Julia Talbot – website
Loose Snow – co-workers and ex-lovers get a second chance after an avalanche, available from Torquere.
The Amethyst Eye – blind man with a magical family heirloom gets the attention of a mysterious stranger, available from Torquere.

Karenna Colcroft – website
Salad On the Side – new to Boston, vegan man learns the truth about his werewolf neighbors, available from MLRpress.
Bishie Sparkles – lonely man finds love when his manga crush comes to life, available from Dreamspinner.

Scotty Cade – website
The Mystery of Ruby Lode – A mystery in a gold mine inspires mystery and intrigue in two eras, available from Silver.
Wings Of Love – man revisits a vacation spot after the death of his partner, available from Dreamspinner.

These are the books my book club has chosen, but these authors have many more to choose from. Please search their individual catalogs in order to find the right story for you. Add your choice and a brief opinion below to be included in the challenge.


**Tara Lain is on a Genetic Celebrity blog tour. Visit her website for complete schedule and contest rules.

**The Sizzling Summer Reads Blog, Chat and Contest from The Romance Reviews is going on until the end of the month. Many M/M authors have been included. Check their page daily for more information.

**Charlie Cochet is offering up a digital copy of The Auspicious Trouble Of Chance. Check our CONTEST pages for more information.

**Julia Talbot is offering up $10 Amazon Gift Card. Check out of CONTEST pages for more information.

**Julia Talbot has Jumping Into Things TRADING CARDS. Check her website to see how you can get yours.

**Scotty Cade is offering up a digital copy of The Mystery of Ruby Lode. Check our CONTEST pages for more information.

**FREE READS from these authors can be found on their websites, as well as listed on our GRL FREE READS page.

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