Week 02

Brenna Lyons: website
Unexpected Daddy - New father encounters trouble when searching for child care, available from Silver.
Silver Shorts - a collection of FREE stories available each week, various themes, Brenna Lyons has 2 stories included, available from Silver.

Christopher Koehler: website
Rocking the Boat - A contemporary story about a college rowing coach, available from Dreamspinner.
The Advent Calender - An established couple decide to have/not have kids, available from MLRpress.

Marie Sexton: website
Cinder - A man is spelled by a witch for one night so he can dance with his Prince, available from Silver.
Song Of Oestend - A paranormal ranch set in an alternative universe, available from Total-E-Bound.

Marshall Thornton: website
Boystown - Murder mystery series set in Chicago, first 6 novella stories (3 e-books with 2 stories each) available from Torquere, newest full-length story available from MLRpress.
The Perils Or Praline - Man falls for guy on a Reality Show and goes cross country to meet him with humorous results, available from MLRpress.

PD Singer: website
The Rare Event - Money men have to re-evaluate after the bottom falls out of the housing market, available from Dreamspinner.
OnCall: Crossroads - Short story about a doctor and a veterinarian, available for FREE download from Goodreads.

These are the books my book club has chosen, but these authors have many more to choose from. Please search their individual catalogs in order to find the right story for you. Add your choice and a brief opinion below to be included in the challenge.


**Marie Sexton is offering up 2 e-books and 2 print books!!
The e-books copies are for 2 separate winners and can be anything from Marie’s backlist. Contest details can be found here.
The 2 print books will be part of a grand prize to be announced at a later date.

**Marshall Thornton is offering his prequel to the Boystown mystery series as a FREE DOWNLOAD for a short time, more details can be found on his website and MLRpress.

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