Week 07

Bailey Bradford – website
Rory’s Last Chance – beginning of the Love in Xxchange series, strangers/opposites learn to work together on a ranch, available from Total-E-Bound.
Leopard’s Spots: Levi – 2 different kinds of cat shifters find themselves on common ground, available from Total-E-Bound.

Lissa Kasey – website
Friction- beginning of the Dominion series, male magic student finds himself in deep trouble, available from Goodreads.
Conviction – latest in the Dominion series, a relaxing vacation turns deadly, available from Dreamspinner.

MJ O’Shea – website
Coming Home – former jock is run out of town but returns years later and tries to mend a few fences, available from Dreamspinner.
Moonlight Becomes You – with Piper Vaughn, an unhappy rockstar gets a second chance, available from Loose-Id.

Piper Vaughn – website
One Small Thing – with MJ O’Shea, sudden father finds more than a nanny, available from Dreamspinner.
Promise In A Kiss – man tracks down his childhood friend/crush, available from ARe.

Silvia Violet – website
Abandoned - sci-fi adventure, available from Silver.
Astronomical - 2 geeks figure out how to make the first move, available from Silver.

These are the books my book club has chosen, but these authors have many more to choose from. Please search their individual catalogs in order to find the right story for you. Add your choice and a brief opinion below to be included in the challenge.


**Bailey Bradford is offering up 2 prizes – her newest release Leopard’s Spots: Timothy and 10 ARE bucks – here on our website. See our contest page for more information.

**Bailey Bradford runs a weekly contest on her blog baileysplayroom. Comment on any post on her blog or send her an e-mail to enter to win 10 ARe bucks.

**MJ O’Shea, Piper Vaughn, and Xara X Xanakas have teamed up together for 3 great prize packages. Check Babes in Boyland for all the different ways to enter and win.

**Silvia Violet is offering up an e-book from her backlist. Please check our contest pages for details.

**FREE READS from these authors can be found on their websites, as well as listed on our GRL FREE READS page.

3 Responses “Week 07” →
  1. All great authors and fabulous contests.

  2. yeah Robin … it’s a good week. Make sure to click the individual links to enter all the contests :-) Some really great prizes!


  3. Cinders

    May 9, 2012

    So many brilliant writers so little time…lol. Bailey is a MUST have for me ASAP I hope I am pulled but if not I will still be loving the book.


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