Week 01

Cherie Noel: website
The Soldier and the Statetrooper – for those who didn’t get a chance to read it last year, a contemporary available from MLRpress.
Tian’s Hero – a sci-fi/fantasy with spies, available from Silver.

Eden Winters: website
A Lie I Can Live With – #3 in online dating series, available from Torquere.
Diversion – a prescription drug pusher gets second chance by working with government, available from Amber Allure.

Ethan Stone: website
Wolf Moon – a shifter discovers who and what he is, available from Dreamspinner.
Subject 13 – childhood nightmares resurface as part of government cover-up, available from Amber Allure.

K C Burn: website
First Time, Forever – established couple rekindle their relationship after their son leaves for college, available from Carina.
Cop Out – a fantastic story about love after a loss, friends and coming out, available from Dreamspinner.

Tara Lain: website
Spell Cat – a witch who finds it more difficult to walk away from a human than he thought, available from Loose-ID.
Fire Balls – sequel to Volleyballs, which we read for last year, a fireman becomes the muse for an artist, available from ARe.

These are the books my book club has chosen, but these authors have many more to choose from. Please search their individual catalogs in order to find the right story for you. Add your choice and a brief opinion below to be included in the challenge.


**Ethan Stone is offering up 1 e-book copy of his newest release Subject 13. For more information, check his post over at Cup-o-Porn.

**Tara Lain is going on a blog tour this week and is offering up e-book copies and various swag items. For more information, check her main contest page and her post on Beautiful Boys Books.

**FREE READS from these authors can be found on their websites, as well as listed on our GRL FREE READS page.

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  1. Hi everyone– I’m so excited to be a part of the reading challenge. Come on over to Beautiful Boys Books and enter to win a GC and Swag and books. Thank you MANtastic for your great support of the community. On to GRL!!


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