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Unless I’m the evil bitch who is lynched in the first 10% of the story, I think it would be very cool to end up as a character in a novel. Most authors pull inspiration from the people and places around them. That could be why some stories just seem so much more “real” even if the story is about purple flying teapots from Tealandia. (Haha … If anyone actually WRITES that story I will post it! :-) )

Here is Vicktor Alexander to talk about some of his closest friends, and how they spawned a Wolf Pack Empire.

Hey! I Know that Guy!
Vicktor Alexander

My very first novel, Unthinkable, started off as a blog story. I’d been confined to a wheelchair by my doctors due to an injury I sustained while serving in the Army and since I wasn’t working and I wasn’t going to school I decided to write. To be honest I didn’t think anyone would be interested, but when I got such a positive and overwhelming response I kept writing. I didn’t plan for Richard Tillson, the gorgeous New York dancer and mate of Alpha Vernon Tate, to be named after my dear friend Richard, but as I sat down to write the first chapter of the book I was on the phone with my Richard. I immediately asked him if it was okay and after he called me a heifer (which is sort of a standard greeting from him, either heifer or hooker-strange really as I don’t produce milk and I don’t sell my body for money-although I do sell sex so maybe the hooker is a little more accurate for me) he said of course I could name the character Richard.

Though the character is named Richard, it’s actually Tommy who is a more accurate portrayal of my friend Richard. The character Richard is more representative of my friend Justin who passed away from AIDS on Christmas Eve 2010.

I love taking people that I know and putting them in my novels, whether it’s actually them (which I have only done once with my friend Thorny and his husband Jazz, which was the best way I could think of to say thank you to Thorny for saving my life) or just their name or little pieces of their personality sprinkled throughout different characters.

It’s how I honor my friends and family, by turning them into characters who fall in love and have happy endings. I’ve put my adopted daughter, Catrina, into multiple stories. She is Mariah, from Unassumed and in my most recent novel, Ethan’s Earl (which releases before GRL), her nickname “Chipmunk” and the reason behind the nickname is mentioned and associated with one of the characters.

When Unthinkable opened the way for Inconceivable and that became A Very Tate Christmas and an entire series, that at last count was at 17 different books and a spin-off series called The Tate Movement, I was floored and flabbergasted. When authors that I read, like Stormy Glenn, Toni Griffin and Mary Calmes started to compliment my writing and tell me they loved my books, I prayed that no one would ever wake me from my dream. When the Tate Pack series became a bestseller I wanted to hide because no way was this happening to me. But when I started to receive letters from readers, women, men, older, younger, all telling me how they were touched or moved by the characters I knew that I’d made the right decision to write.

But it was the email from a reader who shall remain anonymous about my character, Michael, that so touched my heart: Hey Vic, I just finished reading Unassumed and Oh. My. God! I think I cried the whole way through! I could feel Michael’s pain and need for acceptance and the love that Howell had for him was so precious. Thank you for writing this book Vic. I could see myself in Michael. While I’m not transgender like you, I do think that I’m gender fluid like Michael and your book was the first one I’ve read that let me know that it was okay. Thank you for letting me know that I’m okay and that there’s nothing wrong with me.

That one touched my heart so much because there was a lot of me in Michael, but then there’s a lot of me in all of my characters. Michael and Maurice, however, they are the two characters from the Tate Pack that most accurately tell my story and Eiren from The Faery Truth is all “Vic.” It’s one of the reasons why I get so excited when someone loves a character of mine, because they love a piece of me or they love a piece of someone that I love. They are touched and moved and influenced by people who touch, move and influence me and it’s for that reason that I put the employees from the McDonald’s I frequent in Tonawanda in The Faery Truth, it’s the reason I based my character, Ethan Doughtery, on another Ethan that I know. My best friend Justin, however, who passed away from AIDS in December of 2010, is sprinkled throughout everything that I write because much more than Tommy he’s my muse from the great beyond. Because nothing makes a character more real, more touching, and able to reach more people and affect lives and change hearts, like one that makes people say: Hey! I know that guy!

It’s your turn! Tell me about a character in a book or in a movie or on television that reminds you of either yourself or someone that you know and how it made you feel.

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