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Boxer Falls started out as a whiskey-soaked mindgasm from Damon Suede last year at GayRomLit New Orleans, a conversation with the mods of the M/M Romance group on Goodreads and a way to generate some cool new free fiction for the group’s many members. Next thing we knew, Damon, Poppy Dennison, and myself (and most recently, Brita Addams has come onboard) had had started this great collaborative effort with an amazing group of guest authors joining in and writing a series of interconnected short stories centered around a homo-happy town in the Berkshires called Boxer Falls. We’ve had so much fun writing and producing it, talking plot and favorite characters with the diehard readers on the discussion thread, and watching the plot of the show grow and change from one author to another. Each of us founders have our faves! We decided to create a Boxer Falls event for GayRomLit so that we, and all of our guest authors could share it with all of you. I’m gonna hand it over to Brita, so she can tell you more about it:

We are so excited to be able to bring Boxer Falls to Gay Rom Lit this year. Having been conceived at the retreat last year in New Orleans, it seems fitting to celebrate the winding down of our first season with a meet and greet event. Boxer Falls authors and fans will come together for a Walk Through Boxer Falls. Several authors will read short segments from their episodes, while we show the location on a gigantic map of our favorite New England hamlet. No doubt the reading will be humorous and/or sexy, and are sure to spark laughter in all who attend
Of course, no event is complete without drawings for prizes! We’ll be giving away Boxer Falls t-shirts, magnets, and posters, signed by all the Boxer Falls authors attending GRL.

The room will be buzzing as authors sign large postcards for our fans and maybe even talk some plot points. The one thing we’ve learned this year is that our fans have definite ideas about their favorite characters.

The Grand Prize for this event will make everyone envious of the winner, so that drawing is not to be missed.

We hope everyone will love meeting and greeting in Albuquerque. We promise a good time!

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