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There are rules for everything. If a thought or activity has been around for more than 30 seconds then there is bound to be a complex set of guidelines to “insure” that no one does it “wrong.” And while most rules help keep life running smoothly, there are some things that can benefit from a more relaxed “wing it” approach.

Here is Angel Martinez to talk about the pitfalls of rigid and intimidating writing rules, and how to encourage writers to create.

Da Rules

I know. I kid around a lot. Making people laugh is my way of dealing with crushing shyness (right, right, I’m not supposed to call it that anymore… it’s social phobia or social anxiety. Whatever.) I tell people I write both kinds of fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy. I’ll make jokes about writers being processing plants for coffee and alcohol where the byproduct just happens to be words.

But seriously? (Quiet. I do have a serious side.) Writing’s deadly serious business for me. I won’t be so drama-princess as to say it saved my life, but at a time when I worked for evil, heartless banks at an upwardly mobile “career,” (read “ever-increasing paycheck is supposed to make you happy”) I felt my own heart dying, flaking off one calcified bit at a time. In a fey act of desperation, I began to write again. My heart recalled why life was beautiful and what was important.

I only say this to stress how vital writing is to me. Yes, the voices in my head will devour me if I stop, but it’s more than self-preservation. This is why I either laugh hysterically or stare blankly when confronted by “Da Rules.” The How To Be A Writer Rules, of course. Everyone has advice. Everyone just knows his or her way is the only way. Everyone is convinced that the way he or she sees a genre is the “correct” form for that genre. Fine, all right. I exaggerate, not everyone. (Surely all the people reading my post are lovely, intelligent, incredibly wise people who know better. *nods*)

Some of the rules?

Men can’t write Romance
Women can’t write anything but Romance
Authors must outline plots
Cheating has no place in Romance
Genre authors must not write over an eighth grade reading level
Use a thesaurus
Don’t use a thesaurus
Never use a preposition to end a sentence with

There are piles of rules, stacks and heaps, on how to learn to write and how to improve your writing. Do this. Don’t do that. Take this course. Read this treatise. Follow this plan.

It’s kind of like diets. They all sound sensible and helpful in theory but many fail in practice because of limited scope and draconic strictures.

Rules? There are two. Yep. It’s all you need. Yes, you need to know your own language, its structure and flow. Yes, you need to understand the connotations of words and the power of words. We will assume, since you wish to write, that you come with some of this basic knowledge and that you are an avid, voracious reader. Those things should already be part of you. The two rules?

1. Write. Seriously. I’m not being facetious. The only way to learn to write is…to write. (Apologies to Ray Bradbury.) Stop saying you will or you want to – just do it, darn it all! The more you write, the faster your writing will develop.

2. Don’t write in a vacuum. I don’t care if you have twelve PhD’s and can recite the entire Bhagavad Gita. If you’re writing, you need input from other writers and/or readers, even if it’s just one trustworthy, wise, experienced soul. Don’t be a walking ego. Every writer has things to learn. I’m going to say that again. Every writer has things to learn. Be humble, be open-minded, be aware of what you’re trying to accomplish, and you will learn.

That’s the lovely thing about writing. You should never stop learning. It’s a never-ending stream that floods us and sometimes overwhelms us but the writer is helpless in the face of the deluge and has no choice but to return and drown again, growing and expanding outward with each plunge.

Oh, heck, yeah. It’s a weird life but we’re writers, stalwart and steadfast. Someone has to brave the weird stuff to keep the general population safe.

Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind – Angel Martinez writes fantasy and science fiction, featuring gay heroes. Her work currently lives at Amber Quill Press and Silver Publishing.

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