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Last year’s GRL was a great time. For most of the attendees it was the first time they were able to openly discuss their love of M/M books with another person. Some welcomed the chance, becoming social butterflies who talked to everyone. Others were much more reserved, not really knowing what to do.

As GRL 2012 gets closer and closer, authors want readers to know they are as excited to meet you as you are to meet them. Here is Amber Kell’s personal invitation to come say Hi.

Last year when I attended GRL I had a great time. I was able to take my husband and we spent some alone without the kids between events. Hubby said his conferences are never as fun as mine and the people he works with aren’t as nice. That’s one of the best things about GRL. The chance to meet people and fans I’ve corresponded with by email in the flesh. Since I’m pretty introverted it helps as hubby says, “push my comfort zone.” *rolls eyes*

My advice to fans is to not feel self-conscious about approaching authors. I had several people mention they were nervous about coming to talk to me but none of us would be there if we didn’t want to meet our fans. Feel free to come introduce yourself and yes I will give hugs, autographs and stand still enough for pictures if you catch me before my gazillionth cup of coffee. I will even have some giveaways for those brave enough to come closer :-) My husband’s health isn’t up to coming this year so I’m bringing my friend and assistant Lindsey who is considerably more outgoing.

My fans know I adore torturing them (it’s a miracle any of them stick around) so here is an excerpt for my upcoming release A Guitarist in the Fae Queen’s Court Available from Silver Publishing on August 11th.

Seeing the line of musicians filling the hallway, JB tightened his hold on the battered guitar case until the hard plastic bit into his fingers. Nerves rattled through his body like an earthquake, shattering his confidence as it went. He had to get this job. The cops had shut down the club he currently played at, claiming it was a drug haven or that it harbored prostitutes or something like that. He didn’t really pay attention until the ‘Closed’ sign went up, along with the boards across the windows. When JB told Raine about the club shutting down, his lover had smiled crazily like Christmas had come three months early.

Raine had never liked the bar. He always claimed the owner watched JB’s ass too much for Raine’s comfort. Of course Raine didn’t appreciate the way anyone looked at JB or that other men had eyes.

“Hey, JB!” Mike Nelson nodded from his spot further up the line. Mike had gelled his short blond hair until it stood up in spikes, covered his arms with multiple bracelets, and dressed in strategically ripped clothing.

His fit body drew more than one interested gaze.

JB nodded back. He and Mike often auditioned for the same gigs. Mike had the sort of star presence most musicians dreamed about, while JB had a more low-key style. Needless to say, they weren’t buddies. They’d be frenemies if they were friends.

Quickly sliding into line, JB resolutely pushed the competition out of his mind. He needed to focus on his possible future employment. Nothing would derail him faster than fixating on Mike instead of focusing on his own music.

The ad claimed the clients were looking for someone who could play a stringed instrument, vocals optional. Kind of an odd request, but a musician looking for work didn’t question eccentricity, especially considering the generous salary listed.

How hard could performing for some VIPs be anyway? If it turned into a regular gig JB could come home for once without reeking of tobacco and booze. As long as the job didn’t involve removing his clothes, JB would take it if offered. Hell, forget that. He’d even be all for working in the nude if it got him a timely paycheck.

He didn’t suffer from excessive modesty.

Unfortunately, before he left the apartment, Raine had told JB if he had to take off even one piece of clothing, to walk away. “Because if they think they’re going to get a cheap thrill over my man, they’d better think again.”

Why Raine thought anyone else would want to see JB’s skinny, naked ass, he didn’t know, but Raine’s gravelly threat almost had him heading back to bed and letting the man mark him all over again. JB could still feel the sting from Raine’s teeth on his shoulder from the night before.

And for those of you who like a little m/m/m action here is an excerpt for Back to Hell (Hellbourne 2) coming out from Total-E-Bound September 17th. It’s available for pre-order.

Luc Hellbourne jolted awake, his nightmares fading as his bedroom came into focus. The warm heat of his lover Bran snuggled up against him further calmed him down. Damn. He’d had them again! Ever since he’d escaped from hell his dreams had been a jumbled mess of odd visions. Unfortunately, he never remembered any of the details when they receded, leaving behind the unsettling belief he’d missed something important.

Carefully he separated his body from his lover’s. Luc knew from experience he’d be unable to fall back to sleep-too many mornings he’d woken up the same way.

Still groggy, he set his feet on the floor only to yank them back up when he encountered a body. Glancing over the side of the bed, he found his rescued demon Carn lying beside the bed with his bonded vampire Jerrod beside him. They were close to each other but not touching.

As if sensing Luc’s regard, Jerrod’s blue eyes blinked open. “Good morning, Master.”

“Good morning, Jerrod. Is there a reason you and Carn are sleeping beside my bed?”

Bran was going to shit puppies if he awoke to people under his feet.

“You haven’t slept lately. We were hoping our presence would calm you,” Carn said in a sleep-roughened voice. “In the book it says you might start to fade if you don’t get enough sleep.”

“What book?”

The pair exchanged a look before Jerrod reluctantly answered, “The pack book. Nikko let us have it once you decided to live away from the vampires. He wanted to make sure you were taken care of.”

Nikko. Even hearing the vampire’s name stabbed holes in Luc’s heart. As much as he loved Bran, he still had moments of complete sorrow over losing his vampire. He tried to hide his pain from his werewolf lover but Luc knew at times Bran could sense his unhappiness.

Shaking his head, Luc returned to the discussion at hand. He vaguely remembered the pack mentioning they were compiling a notebook about how to take care of Luc years ago, but he’d thought it was a joke. “They seriously made a book?”

Jerrod nodded. “It’s called The Care and Feeding of Lucifer Hellbourne. One of the things in it says if you don’t rest well you might start to fade. Carn and I were worried.”

“Thank you for your concern, but you don’t need to worry. I’m not fading.” Breaking into tiny parts in a slow excruciating manner…but not fading.

“Sorry, Master.” Carn’s red skin became a little redder. “Why don’t I go get you some breakfast, Master?” he offered.

“That would be great.” Luc gave the demon a smile to let him know he wasn’t angry. Carn had suffered enough abuse at the hands of Luc’s brother that the young demon still flinched whenever he thought someone was angry with him.

As soon as he’d left, Jerrod slid his fingers through Luc’s hair. “Kiss me good morning, Master?”

Luc sighed but he knew the young vampire well enough by now to know that Jerrod would pull the I need to bond with my master card if Luc didn’t agree to at least a kiss.

Jerrod only belonged to Luc because Luc had saved him from his old master. However, Jerrod often used Luc’s reluctance to harm him as an invitation to take advantage.

After a few minutes of kissing, Luc set Jerrod away from him. Jerrod’s cheeks glowed with passion and his eyes had a bright light of need as he watched Luc.

“Why don’t you go see if Carn needs any help in the kitchen? It’s probably time for you to feed again.”

Jerrod squeezed Luc’s cock. “I found something I can feed on.”

Luc knew the vampire had meant that in a sexy way but his erection trembled with fear. “I don’t think I want your fangs anywhere near my dick when you’re this excited. Go drink from Carn-that’s why I have him here.”

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